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This series of maps starts with a look at the most important planning of the city of Valencia during the 20th century, such as the county plans of 1956 and 1966, and the 1988 General Plan.

We now show the essential maps forming the graphic documentation defining the determinations established by El Cabanyal-Canyamelar, Special Plan for Protection and Inner City Restoration such as: Urban Development Regime, Protected Buildings, Fields of Intervention, Fields of Action and Amenities.

Finally, drawings are added to locate the rehousing buildings, either made or soon to be built, as well as the boundaries of the area listed as B.I.C. (Asset of Cultural Interest).


> Valencia General Urban Development Plan, 1988
> Valencia General Urban Development Plan, 1966
> Valencia General Urban Development Plan, 1946
> PEPRI, Urban Development Regime: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, Protected Buildings: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, Fields of Intervention: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, Fields of Action: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, BIC area: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, Amenities: Size A4 – Size A3
> PEPRI, Rehousing units: Size A4 – Size A3

These maps form the still photo showing the state of the district prior to intervention on this, and reveal the situation which made it necessary to draw up a Special Protection plan leading to the regeneration and revitalisation of the district. They vouch for the shortcomings as regards the district’s amenities and public spaces, apart from showing diverse aspects of the built fabric, such as age of the building, heights existing, state of upkeep, etc.

The following maps form a compilation of the old cartography available, which is used by the Special Plan itself to take into account the more or less immediate background of the planning to be defined.

This is a historical review vouching for the former emplacement of the fishing centre to the north of the Port of Valencia, and its development and later consolidation throughout the 19th century in the setting that we now know.

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